Participation in charitable programs and charity are not only a sign of the ability to have compassion and desire to help those who are in dire need — they need time, which is never enough, possibility, simple human and professional authority — without these components your good intentions will be only good intentions.

I always tried to help the greatest possible number of people, I was ready to spend day and night in the hospital — probably at that time it was all I could do... but we also needed medicines, and prostheses, and equipment...
We needed money to buy it all, so I started to help really, as I wanted to, only after organizing the “Save the Children of Chechnya” fund.

The fund was established in the US in 2007 and in the same year Hasan begins coming to Russia and conducting free surgeries for children with congenital abnormalities. The news of this spread instantly — long queues for such sessions became a characteristic feature of the “Grozny landscape”.

In today’s world there are a lot of charities that provide practical assistance to people in need — the trouble is that the number of those in need is too great...

One of such funds is “Operation smile” formed in the US, which provides free consultations and operations around the world. At the invitation of Hasan Baiyev, 32 doctors from the US, Europe and Russia visited Grozny, where more than 300 people with children attended them. However, such free sessions and operations take place not only in Grozny — in their map, there was already Taganrog and recently appeared Krasnoyarsk.

Not everyone can pay for the services of maxillofacial surgery, we have to make a lot of not only unique, but also very expensive operations — for many people this free help is a salvation.

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