Hasan Baiyev was born on April 4, 1963 in Alkhan-Kala, a suburb of Grozny; he studied in Alkhan-Kala secondary school № 1, after which he entered Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute. In the institute, Hasan specialized in oral and maxillofacial surgery and continued to seriously do sambo and judo, which he started studying at school in 1976. While studying, his student work “Gunshot wounds of head and neck in the time of peace” was published in scientific journal. In the institute Hasan finished internship and residency; in 1988 he returned home and began to work at the First City Hospital, where he became the main specialist of the republic in maxillofacial and plastic surgery.

The first Chechen war has turned Baiyev into a field doctor — the only one for several surrounding towns and villages. Faithful to the Hippocratic oath, Baiyev operates both participants of the military confrontation and locals being the only doctor for 100 000 people and his Niva being the only “Ambulance”. There was no electricity, water, medicines, his only tools were a hacksaw and a hand drill. In such conditions he did 30 operations per day.

It was hard for me not only physically but also mentally. Being a doctor who used to improve the appearance, I was forced to amputate limbs. Previously patients became beautiful with my surgeries, but during the war they became disabled. Sometimes I was walking down the street and it seemed to me that nobody around had whole limbs.

In total, during the first Chechen war he operated on 4600 people. Both belligerents tried to “thank” the doctor: warlord Barayev tried to shoot him for operating the feds, the feds threatened him with death for “communication” with the militants.

The second Chechen war has changed nothing in Baiyev’s life — he still operates, the number of operations increased twice, he is again persecuted by both warring parties, unknown people kill his nephew who often assisted him during operations. Because of the fighting, Hasan Baiyev gets three contusions.

In April 2000, Hasan Baiyev with his family leaves for the United States with the help of foreign charities. His wife and four children are always with him...

My family, probably like any other, was a support without which I would not have survived ... they were a thread that bound my past, present and hope for the future...

Initially, the Baiyevs live in Vermont with their American friends Nick and Ruth Danilov. Hasan has to seriously care of his own health (gastric bleeding, complete loss of memory, insomnia), psychologists work with him and at the same time Baiyev mows lawns and paints houses to somehow feed the family.

Impressions of the recent past experienced in Russia were so hard and demanded so much comprehension that during the same period Baiyev starts (with the invaluable help of Ruth and Nick Danilov) working on a book about tragic events of the two Chechen wars. In 2001, the book “The Oath, or Surgeon Under Fire” was published and translated into 20 languages. In the US, it has become a bestseller, American universities use it as a guide for emergency medicine. In Russia, none of the publishers dared publishing the book.

I’m afraid that in Russia the book will not be published, because my interpretation of the war will not please everyone. There is no praise to the commanders who are considered to be almost heroes. I have not seen such ones, especially since the civil war heroes do not exist. I’m also far from glorification of Ichkeria and especially their leaders, which led to the tragedy. One of the former leaders of Ichkeria, reading a book, called me and told me that I described events so that none of the parties would be satisfied. In fact, this man gave me a compliment. I was not going to justify or idealize someone. Just I wrote what I saw.

On the motives of this book, a solo performance was made. The role of Baiyev was played by actor Ian Barford.

In 2001 Hasan resumed sport training, it was necessary in order to restore the physical shape and for the purpose of psychological rehabilitation; for the period up to 2007 inclusive, he won six titles at USSA/FIAS West World Open and ASA Battle.

Since 2007 Baiyev begins to visit Russia, he organizes the “Save the Children of Chechnya” fund in the US and starts to make free surgeries (in Grozny) for children with congenital abnormalities, for which he brings medical supplies and prostheses. He provides charitable and humanitarian aid — Kamazes with essential goods are not uncommon in the outskirts of Grozny and the surrounding villages.

This charitable activity in a form of addressed aid was provided to the children of Vietnam, Colombia and other countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

At the same time, he begins to travel around the world and to lecture at the most prestigious universities in Europe, USA, Canada and Japan (totally 78 universities!). Practical activities in this period are not only consultations and operations, but also training in the best clinics of the world, such as Vanderbilt university medical center (Nachille, Tennessee), Harvard Book Store (Boston), Brooklyn public library (New York), Harvard University (Boston), Washington Hospital Center (Washington), Stanford University (Stanford), Northeastern University (Boston), Library of Congress (Washington), Cardiff University (London), Florida Atlantic University, University of St. Francis Chicago (Illinois), John Hopkins University (Washington), Duke University (North Carolina), Tufts University School of medicine (Boston), Georgia State University (Atlanta), Autonomic University of Madrid, University of medicine Barcelona, Sciece Academy and medicine Bilbao, Medical association (Bilbao), Saitama Medical University, Columbia University

International activity of Hasan Baiyev was praised in 2005 when he received his (the only Russian by today) International Award “Physician of the world”, he became the man of the year in the US, UK and Japan, and American filmmakers shot a documentary film “Withness-Lost children of Chechnya”.

In 2014 Hasan Baiyev was awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the Chechen Republic Parliament “For contribution to the development of plastic surgery, high professionalism and humanism in the provision of medical care”.

Currently, the doctor travels a lot around the world, operates, lectures and of course is engaged in medical practice preferring to operate in Grozny.

... I’m used to my staff, my operating room... my main job is here... Who needs it — welcome to Grozny.

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